About Us

Property Search in Mallorca

Exclusive Property Mallorca (EPM) is here to help seek out properties land and projects for the discerning home-buyer.


Dedicated Search

EPM offers a dedicated search with the buyers interests forefront in terms of shortlists and negotiations.


Single Point of Contact

Finding that ‘ideal’ property can be both daunting and time consuming so we’re here to help take you right through the process from initial enquiry to purchase with a single point of contact.


Personalised Shortlist

We aim to avoid wasting valuable time by short listing properties and projects to view.

Our Philosophy

Exclusive Property Mallorca is not your run-of-the-mill Estate Agent as we act just for the buyer.

Mallorca has 1000+ Property Agencies so it’s often daunting to even start your property search. Who to trust, what information to believe, is the price fair and reasonable, are the Agents working in your best interests?

We serve the discerning buyer that wants to cut through all the BS and get what they want at the right price with a professional and honest approach throughout. EPM gives 100% to all clients that commit to our philosophy. With this commitment we have never failed anyone in their search. 

We have worked with a select few Estate Agents over the years who understand and respect our philosophy and the reward is always ‘something is better than nothing’. The market seems buoyant enough for everyone to survive; it´s the buyers choice how and who they choose to work with.